Mariandy is a published author and international speaker specialising in health techniques to maintain youth and vitality. She is the founder and creator of the techniques used within the i recharge me programme. A method which she has used for years and is undeniably reflected in her own well being.

Her background includes completing her Honours degree in Communications, her keen interest in personal health stemmed from her father, who was a surgeon and hospital director, and this enthusiasm in turn leading her to take a Masters degree in Education Guidance and Counselling. Whilst studying she joined a Zen Buddhist group where she became a vegetarian and started to experiment with yoga and breathing techniques. This introduced her into a holistic lifestyle which she had long since adopted, before it became trendy in the western world. She ran a Holistic Health Consultancy Training Programme in Germany in the 90’s.

In 1991 Mariandy set up a studio called ‘Shape Up,’ located in Nordstemmen , Germany teaching a combination of both western and eastern exercises similar to the principle of Callanetics, Yoga and meditation.

In 1994 Andyways Holistic Health Centre was born  offering in addition reflexology and aromatherapy as well as lessons on holistic lifestyle including  Tibetan Yoga, Qui Gong exercises to help concentrate on breathing and movement needed to enhance the chi energy (life force) in the body and promote good health. This led her to decide to publish her first book ‘The Gift of Health’. Additionally, she is currently offering her health programme in Ballsbridge, Dublin.


Phillipa graduated with Honours in Spanish, Japanese and Business and went on to take her postgraduate marketing degree at Oxford college of Marketing before becoming a Chartered Marketer. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and regularly volunteers for organising their London events. 

Phillipa James is an award winning marketer and entrepreneur. She is the co-creator of the i recharge me programme is a Reiki Master healer and also runs a health company manufacturing natural health products .

Due to personal health problems early on in her life, she developed a keen interest in health related remedies resulting in starting up her own health company ’Breathing Relief’. After a coincidental meeting with Mariandy, she was so impressed with  Mariandy’s  youthful appearance, a true ‘walking example’ of the results of her practices, that she decided to work together to develop the i recharge me programme and give others the opportunity to maintain their health properly which in turn would enable them with reversing the ageing process to help them hold on to their youthful looks and vitality.