Dereck Chisora is in the running for the world heavy weight title next month in Munich, Germany where he will be fighting Vitali Klitschko. In one of the early press conferences Klitschko said that Chisora was chosen despite only having had 14 fights and being merely 26, one of the youngest to go for the heavy weight title. He was chosen for his remarkable performance last September when he knocked out Sam Sexton in the ninth round. Klitschko also said that it’s not about how many fights a man has had but it’s about the confidence that he shows and he believes that Dereck shows this kind of confidence.

At the point Dereck was chosen for the heavy weight title fight, he was the British undefeated champion. Dereck was very confident about the fight and his ability to win. He said in the press conference ‘It is not going to be a boxing match; it is going to be a fight.’ He also continued to say ‘I will do whatever it takes to win. I’ll take him out of his comfort zone and ruff him up.’ Klitschko’s response to this was mainly positive apart from asking ‘please don’t bite me’ referring to a previous match against Paul Butlin.

Monday saw the Landmark Hotel in London host part of the promotional tour publicising February’s world title fight between Klitschko and Chisora. The waiting press got a sneak peak sign of things to come when ‘Del Boy’ Chisora arrived at the hotel in his signature battered yellow three-wheeler Reliant Robin. The light-hearted nature continued inside the conference as the fighters were asked questions. Chisora wasted no time in reminding Klitschko that many boxing fans find the Ukrainian’s style dull. “I’ll have Europe, America and Africa on my side” the former British champion claimed. When Vitali asked whether China would also support him Chisora quickly replied “China’s never heard of me but when I whip you’re a***s they’ll know all about me.”

Dereck Chisora may be saying that he’s ready to win the heavy weight world title but many fans doubt his ability to win after the poor defense of his British title. Chisora was clearly in poor shape and boxed nowhere near his full potential when he lost to Fury. Chisora’s next fight was also a loss but in terms of performance it was complete opposites he was back on top game. Dereck Chisora was robbed by the judges in a split decision loss against Finland’s Robert Helenius for the European title. His performance was deserving of a win.

Few people think that February the 18th will see Dereck Chisora crowned as the new WBC world champion but with his vigorous training and confident view I think we could see ‘Vitali going down in the eighth round’.

By Sophie McCormack