For the umpteenth time you awake from barely being asleep. You’re cranky with sleep deprivation and every little thing bothers you. The love of your life is beginning to become the loathe of your life, having kept you up all with their incessant snoring.

How many relationships break down because of snoring? This has never been the focus of any major research but if your own experiences are anything to go by, then you know that others must be in the same boat. Soon the Brad to your Jen or Angelina (ahem), the Katie to your Alex or the Jack to your Jill is relegated to the spare room.

Ok so it might not be the sexiest piece of plastic you could get your partner this Valentine’s Day, but the Breathingrelief™ nasal dilator could just save your relationship. “How?”, you ask. Well this compact little piece of silicone inserts beautifully onto the septum, keeping the nostrils raised to allow for greater air intake thus preventing snoring and thus letting you get a full, undisturbed nights’ sleep… unless you wake up for a bit of “how’s your father”. So be a little imaginative this Valentine’s Day, buy the Breathingrelief™ nasal dilator as an alternative but thoughtful gift for your bed fellow.

Obviously if problems within your relationship are not caused by snoring, the Breathingrelief™ unfortunately can’t work any magic but it’s worth a try nonetheless.