Well, well, well, Christmas is over for another year. I hear a bunch of you shout “Hurrah” as you shove the decorations back into a box and head for the loft. For those humbug types take look at one of the cards I received this year- it’s nothing short of fabulous and had me chuckling for quite some time.

Yes, that’s right, there’s no escaping Christmas with its tinsel and mince pies, the festive season is ready to wreak havoc on all parts of your life, especially your wallet.

Many may be breathing a sigh of relief, you may think it’s all over for another year, but I’ve found it difficult to breath at all the past week.

“But why?!” I hear you all ask…”surely you’re wearing your Breathing Relief™Dilator?”

Of course I have been wearing it, it’s perfect for all breathing issues. Although the real solution to my particular problem should have been to turn the central heating down. Alas, when you live with a grandparent, as I do, it’s almost impossible to maintain a sensible temperature within the house. It doesn’t matter how many times I suggest thermal socks and a thicker dressing gown, I will inevitably lose the battle. I don’t mind the heating so much when there is a clear need for it, for example, earlier in the month, we experienced some serious cold weather. The wind brought temperatures close to zero and there was a certain chill in the air. However, over the festive period it has been astonishingly mild. Highs of 12 or 13 degrees have meant that I wake up lying in a pool of my own sweat with a dry and itchy respiratory system. (If there was ever need for a sad face in a blog, now would be the opportune moment).

Not so glamorous.

However, whilst leaving my bedroom window wide open and allowing the rest of the house to freeze, only to hear my grandmother grumbling profusely about a draft (and then turn the heating even higher) I remembered a product which could potentially ease the situation. Living in a basement flat in Brooklyn for a year I struggled with the lack of clean air in an apartment essentially located underground. Having no windows and being the studious type I would spend hours in my room writing and would often feel sluggish and dirty, not having the opportunity to breath in fresh air. I found Care for Air online and realised it could actually recycle the air in my bedroom.

Constantly sharing my air with smokers, a pet pit bull (aptly named Smoky) and having a bedroom right next to the overhead blast heater meant that I would regularly wake up with a stuffy head and blocked nose. As the website states the product is great for allergies and purifying stale and smoky air but I also realised that combined with the heat in the atmosphere, it proved to be a great humidifier as well, adding moisture back into the air so you didn’t get that constant sense of dry skin and most importantly dry and itchy nasal passages. Win all around!

As soon as I remembered this little nugget of information I went wild searching for what little I had not unpacked since returning from New York and found, at the bottom of the box, my Care for Air purifier!

Please note that I use the Breathing Relief™ dilator regularly at night to help combat sinus issues, it’s very effective, and will always be my go-to product. But as you must have gathered by now, I enjoy technology and anything a little quirky produced with health in mind is something I like to explore!

The breezer is a little fancy and with a switch of a button you can change the colour of the light, which in itself is a little therapeutic. I always tended to keep it on green as not only is the colour soothing, but it’s also meant to promote sleep and would provide the perfect night light. The breezer currently sits under the radiator, in the hope that if may work to humidify my room in the same way as a cup of water under a hot radiator does. It’s also conveniently located under the window in order to catch all the pesky particles of nature that tend to make me sneeze as my window remains wide open throughout the year.

As always, my opinions are my own and Breathing Relief™does not endorse any product (bar its own) but this is a contraption you can rely on to keep a small room pure and fresh throughout the year. Plus, there scented oils available from the website make it a glorious experience to breath in.

Check out the site at www.careforair.com and give the Breezer a chance. After all there’s no point in using the Breathing Relief™ dilator to allow you to breath deeply, if your air is dirty!

Let that be your New Year’s resolution…moving into 2012, recycle all you can, breath deeply and freshly and of course sleep well.  Merry Christmas all and wishing you all the best for the New Year.

Guleraana 🙂