The Principles of i recharge me

The principle of the i recharge me programme is based on a completely natural holistic method, using a range of unique techniques to help us to feel and look younger.

Developed by Mariandy, who has 35 years experience in the health industry and a  wealth of knowledge emanating from training in many disciplines across the world- callenetics, Qui gong, Tibetan yoga, meditation and aromatherapy.

i recharge me is a combination of these ancient practices and a mixture of western scientific research in order to promote longevity. By learning to stimulate and accelerate the Chi energy  (Chinese), or Prana (Indian) you can attain good health and wellness. Combined with an exercise form, which includes a guided meditation concentrating on the energy centres of the body (vortexes – controlling hormonal output, mental exercises, and yoga-like exercises you will balance, and enhance, the energy system in your body.


Techniques to help strengthen the immune system

Visualisation and imaging to focus and reach goals more easily

Breathing techniques to relieve pain and manage stress

Energy flow manipulation to increase vitality

Exercise and Movement – East meets West

Nutrition – Feed your soul

Positively program your mind