Hello All,
It is Day 10 and I am very excited as I get to start the 2nd 10 day routine tomorrow. As I had a false start at this programme and ended up doing 5 days extra, 15 days on the same exercise routine is quite boring!

I was a little disappointed as I wanted to give it my best shot today but my back and knees hurt a bit and I just didn’t feel like doing my best however, Weds and Thurs I did follow the hardcore lady at the back and I feel sooo much stronger. I can do 17 proper press ups in the time they give you when I first started it was 4…..

You probably want me to weigh myself and give you a measurement update but I’m thinking I should wait until half way through. To be honest I am very proud of myself for sticking to the programme and excited about completing it and moving onto the rip60 which I will only allow myself to buy once I have completed this for at least 20 days!

On another note, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac good dates for starting a diet are Jan 31st and then not again until Feb 22nd or 27th so it’s not too late to restart your new year’s resolution! I’m not sure if the lunar cycle is an influence but many people have have followed it for year and it’s actually a very interesting site with health and gardening tips: http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable

Until next week, fitness friends.

Moon Phase 19% – 4 days after new moon.