Hi All,
So I am now technically on day 20 however, I am actually on day 19… Unfortunately on Friday my day went pear shaped and after a meeting was delayed by 2 hours I didn’t have enough time from when I left work and got home to do my exercises before meeting my cousin in the City (London). I also could not delay my cousin since she is over from the US and her phone isn’t on roaming so I had no way of contacting her to delay her and to be honest I haven’t seen her in ages and didn’t want to…. subsequently I didn’t feel it was best to partake in exercise when we arrived home at 2:30am in the morning on Saturday so I missed a day.

Rather than make it up on Sat by doing 2 sets I was quite pleased with myself for doing one and the same on Sun since it is so cold and snowy. So there you have it, I am continuing and haven’t beat myself up about it, I am just a day behind.

On a slightly disappointing note, my calves have definitely toned up, so much so that I am struggling to zip up my boots….. I may need to incorporate some pilates or callinetics into the programme. I still have only lost a pound but strength wise I feel amazing.

I am very close to being convinced to buy the latest craze in fitness wear which promises the world… Hotpants… have you heard of them? Apparently you can lose weight 4 x faster with hotpants: http://zaggora.com/how-it-works Have a look at the homepage as with all their testimonials it is pretty convincing and I’m thinking that this is the answer to speed up my inch loss…. I think I may buy the flares, I’m not sure why they are called flares as they are the opposite but this may help my calf problem.

I will try and measure myself next week, only 11 days left!

If you have any fitness stories or experience with the ‘Hotpants’ above, please send me a message on Facebook.

Phillipa 🙂