Hello All,
So you are probably wondering where I got to and well basically I have been ill for the last week with a fever so I managed to do the 26 day shred not the 30 day shred!

At the end of it all I felt physically much better but only lost an inch on my arm and hips. I am 2 pounds heavier than when I started.

My body shape pants have just arrived so next week when I am feeling better, I will start the programme again. I will try and increase my water and protein intake.

Unfortunately no weight loss to report but I have seen that someone else did the 30 day shred and it wasn’t until they started for their second time that they lost weight. They say it takes 3 months at the gym before you get any results and I figure that it has only just been the equivalent of 3 months at the gym now so hopefully me week’s break due to this illness won’t set me too far back on my fitness plan.

The only time in my life when I found it easy to lose weight was when I lived in Barcelona in an apartment with no oven and I used to walk for 1 hour a day and eat spinach almost every day. As it is getting warmer, maybe I will try to start walking again for that hour…… we shall see.

Until next week when I have something interesting to say….. let me know how you are getting on.