Hi Everyone,
You will be pleased to know that I am still on course with my exercise plan but unfortunately this weekend didn’t go so well with the ‘cutting out chocolate’. It all started with 1/2 a chocolate croissant that my partner couldn’t finish on Saturday and then a friend brought some Hershey’s chocolate back from the USA and well, you know….. So rather than get annoyed with myself I have decided to do ‘no chocolate’ during the week and give myself a pat on the back for managing to continue with the exercise plan.

So I did finally measure myself even though this is 5 days in but it will give me an idea at the end if I have lost inches… In terms of the exercise, I definitely feel stronger already and can do many more push ups than at the beginning. I have had that ‘girly time’ over the past two days so I didn’t push myself harder than copying the lady that shows you the beginner way to do things and then today I decided to up my weights. I thought that I was using a 1kg but apparently it was 0.5kg so now I am using a 1kg. On some exercises this is fine but when she does the ones where you lunge to the side and lift at the front, it really hurts. I find my Breathing Relief dilator really helps with the cardio and specifically push ups. The only criticism I have of the programme is that more stretching is needed at the end to lengthen the muscles but I’m not even practicing what I preach so there we go.

My other half got worried today when I mentioned it was 30 days and needed reassuring that I would continue exercising after. I have high hopes for this plan now and look forward to not having bingo wings!!

I would love to hear about your exercise stories. Message me on FB.