Do you want to look and feel younger?

Do you want to heal?

Do you want to be happier?

Do you want to thrive rather than survive?


Age Control programme

Indulge yourself in our special Age Control programme consisting of various techniques in order to slow down the natural ageing process. This is a great way to introduce positive practices into your life and to improve your overall health as soon as possible and in the many years to come. The Programme includes the following elements which can be done individually or in combination depending on your current needs:

  • Specialized meditation techniques that reduce stress at a cellular level as well as combat anxiety and prevent diseases related to ageing
  • A combination of Tibetan Yoga poses that are proven to slow down ageing
  • Auto suggestive mediation and clinical hypnotherapy to correct unhealthy and unwanted longstanding habits

Conflict resolution

You can also book one to one counselling, where specifically needed, during conflict situations or phases in life where a confidential “chat” can lead to a clearer understanding and resolution of concerned issues.​ She offers this service to suit your own time, place and pace. You can schedule a one on one session with her to talk out your problems or issues that bother you in an open and confidential setting. She uses a unique blend of wisdom from the East mixed with an advanced  psychological know-how taught in the Western world to give individualised answers based on the lifestyle and personality type of each client. Contact Mariandy here.

Workshops for Children/Young Adults

Additionally, we offer workshops for children and/or young adults consisting of Breathing techniques and specific Yoga poses in order to:

  • improve concentration and focus
  • achieve a positive mental attitude
  • nurture techniques for emotional well being
  • holistic health conceps to compat depression and mood swings