Our slow aging programme is the result of forty years of holistic well-being practice from author and teacher Mariandy Lennon. She has collated all the best Western science has to offer, along with ancient Eastern teachings on exercise and meditation, so you don’t have to. Join us now and save £31.00 through our early bird pricing.

We have developed a slow aging programme of diet, exercise and meditation advice designed specifically to improve wellbeing and slow the impact of increasing years.


A straightforward modular approach designed for your lifestyle


A holistic focus on your mind,
body and spirit


A combination of modern scientific research and ancient Eastern wisdom

Over 21 days Mariandy Lennon will guide you through the chemical, physical and spiritual planes of your life. You will learn how to eat well, exercise for longevity and keep a youthful mind.

Become part of a growing happy, healthy positive community

“I carry a new confidence, hope and happiness inside of me”

“Your encouraging words, advice and instructions have truly changed the direction in my life from gloom and doom to hope and happiness”

“I will always treasure the valuable things I have learned from you”

“I can make it through each day feeling more relaxed and in control of my nerves and stress”

Find everything you need at your fingertips

Our online programme takes twenty health and wellbeing topics chosen specifically to slow aging processes. We use a range of tools to help and inspire you.

Video content


Learn directly through video guides and personal introductions from Miriandy Lennon

Audio content


Listen to sensible and practical advice when it suits you in the form of audio streams.

Downloadable resource packs


Download our exclusive original written material and it is yours to keep for as long as you need it.

 Digital calendar


Let our dedicated organiser help you keep to your health and well-being schedule every day.

Easy to follow modules


The programme is broken down into twenty topics meaning it is ideally suited to those with busy lifestyles who like to study in bite-sized chunks.

Life-time membership

Life-time membership

There is no time limit on membership subject to ongoing publishing and access agreements.