Hello Everyone,
I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. If, like me, you managed to let your fitness regime slide by the end of the year and consume your body weight in food then you are desperate to find the answer to rectify the situation as soon as possible. I have decided not to go on a ‘diet’ but instead avoid chocolate for 30days (apart from low calorie hot chocolate drinks) and go on a very strict fitness regime. I wanted to prove that you could tone up and get fitter at home rather than pay extortionate amounts for the gym. I have decided to follow ‘The 30 Day Shred’ exercise regime from Jillian Michaels. It has 3 exercise versions, beginners, intermediate and advanced each of which you partake in for 10 days.

This morning I got up extra early to start my ‘new routine’. Firstly I weighed myself, well I know I put on a few pounds before Christmas but apparently over the holiday week I managed to put on another half a stone….I’m hoping quickly on means quickly off! So at 5’6 I currently weigh 164 pounds!!!! This is bad since in October I was 15 pounds lighter.

Anyway I hope you appreciate my honesty and join me on my journey of fitness, health and wellbeing. Please note that I am not calling this a ‘diet and exercise’ plan as that would send me running or not so it seems.

Anyway I have attached a picture of myself almost sporting a size 16 and I intend to tone myself up. So I started with the beginners class this morning and after about 17 minutes felt like I might throw up or feint. Despite the fact that I am not supposed to stop the DVD, even to drink water, I did so for approx 20 seconds and then as we were moving on to floor work managed to feel ok. I basically think the circuits that she made me do sent my body into shock and I was concentrating so hard that I forgot to breathe so I felt light headed.

I intend to update you a couple of days a week or when I am generally excited about something. I would love to hear about your new years resolutions and fitness stories so you can communicate with me on our Facebook page or Twitter.