David Haye Dereck Chisora

As more and more tension builds up in the run-up to the highly anticipated bout between a former world champion Haye and the current world champion Chisora for the highly coveted prize in boxing, David Haye has yet again confirmed imminent retirement from professional boxing to the Boxing federation adding that his controversial fight with arch enemy-Chisora could be his last.

In light of his recent revelation to public dismay, the 31 year old vowed his boxing career would only be extended on the condition of him being granted a rematch against Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko who had defeated him back in the summer of 2011.

This rematch is unlikely given Vitali’s retirement plans following his up and coming grudge fight against Manuel Charr in September 2012, and his reluctance to relinquish his record of five heavy weight world titles. Haye remains hopeful that his victory against Chisora will be a greater incentive to help him clinch that lucrative rematch against Vitali adding..‘Things in boxing change really quickly so if I go out there and blast away Chisora in a couple of rounds that might cause a few raised eyebrows and people might think, “Maybe he could fight Vitali if he is deemed fit and healthy.

The aftermath of the fiery altercation in Munich still lingering and less than a month until the showdown in Upton Park, Haye and Chisora met briefly on Tuesday to promote the fight in a conference headed by boxing promoter Frank warren. Both boxers are still under suspension from the WBC so the encounter was nothing more than an exchange of words.

Despite the severe condemnation from the British Boxing Board and numerous boxing federation bodies surrounding the controversial decision to ban the match following the dispute, which to say the least, amassed huge public anger in Munich – resulting is sanctions and licence suspensions placed upon both Haye and Chisora, it seems more probable now than ever before with the backing of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation (LBF), the match taking place at Upton park on July 14.

“It is only public demand that has made this fight happen. He has absolutely nothing that I want, other than the satisfaction I will get from beating him up again.” Haye adds. The English hopeful dubbed to win this crucial fight, may however actually not live up to his expectation given his dismal performance by his own admission in recent months.

With so much expectation weighed on both contenders, and both in top form who knows what the culmination of a yearlong brawl would be. Having said that though it is important noting that neither of these worthy contenders, Haye nor Chorosa, have won their previous encounters.

Fight details…. July 14 2012 Upton Park.

By Simon Arefe