Turn Back the Clock

Do you read health and beauty articles and feel more confused than ever? Stop wasting money on lotions and potions and learn the real secret to looking and feeling younger!

Youth isn’t just about what you put on your skin. The i recharge me programme is a whole body health regime tailored to your lifestyle. We teach you how to start implementing new habits to prevent premature ageing.

i recharge me was developed by Mariandy Fricke.
mar circle 2Mariandy has 35 years experience in the health industry and has seen many beauty fads come and go. She has trained in many disciplines across the world and is a walking example of how combining Eastern practice with Western beauty techniques can turn back the clock.

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn about what ages us physically and how you can begin to combat this. We’ll teach you about exercise and movement as well as nutrition and supplements. And techniques to help strengthen the immune system energy flow manipulation to increase vitality


You will also receive our “Youth Pack” worth £35! Including:

  • Rain Vitamin Sample
  • Night Spray
  • A Digital copy of Mariandy’s book
  • Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator


Join Us

After spending the day with us, you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge that you can implement into your day-to-day life. We’ll cover exercise and movement, nutrition and how to positively program your mind. Delivered by our knowledgeable practitioners in simple to understand sections, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your new regime. We also offer ongoing support and counselling, should you feel you need the extra support.